Cebollitas Curtidas

Hola chicos! estas cebollitas son súper fáciles y deliciosas!
Espero que les gusten, déjenme saber si tienen alguna duda y voy a tratar de contestarles lo mas pronto posible, por favor subscribanse a mi canal. Mil Gracias!


2 cucharadas de oregano
sal al gusto
1/2 cebolla (roja o blanca)
el jugo de 1 a 2 limones



The things I love about you

I love every moment we spend together.

I love the way you make me love everything about you.

I love how even when you get on my last nerve, you can still find a way to make me smile.

I love how you make me feel protected.

I love how you make me feel like nothing in the world can touch me.

I love how you make me feel like I am your queen.

I love you because you have given me everything I will ever need to be happy.

And I love you more because you support, respect, and help me grow.

Thank you!


With all my heart,

The Ratchet, Curiousmami


Hola mundo! esta es la receta que utilizo para hacer gorditas, espero que no se les haga muy dificil, dejenme saber si tienen preguntas. Tambien dejenme saber si les fue de alguna ayuda.

Para esta receta van a utilizar lo siguiente:

(Pueden usar maseca o de la harina de su preferencia para hacer la masa. a mi me gusta usar maseca amarilla)

Carne de puerco molida
(pueden usar cualquier carne que prefieran si no les gusta o no comen puerco… pero sabe mucho mejor con puerco)

Chiles de arbol
(conocido también como chile pulla)

Chiles pulla
(conocido también como chile de hacer)

tomates o tomatillos

knorr suiza (o cualquier otro sasonador de su preferencia)



jitomates y repollo

Guacamole (opcional) pueden ver mi video ‘Como hacer guacamole FACIL) para ver como lo hice.

porfavor visiten mi blog y suscribanse a mis canales en Youtube curiousmami84 y digalucy

con mucho amor,


Como Hacer El Guacamole Mas Facil Del Mundo



Hola! Este guacamole es súper fácil. Solo van a ocupar lo siguiente;

Para 3 personas.

1 aguacate
4 chiles jalapeños (en esta receta uso cerca de 15 chiles tailandeses por que eso es lo que yo tenia, pero 4 jalapenos tienen el mismo efecto)
1 trozo de cebolla
1 diente de ajo
2 limones
sal al gusto

El uso de chiles es a gusto de cada persona, se le pueden agregar mas chiles o poner menos.

Por favor visiten mi blog y suscribanse a mi canal en youtube curiousmami84. Gracias!

Con mucho amor,


My baby is crawling… Finally!

So my baby boy, Max just turned 9 months a couple of days ago. He is so smart and alert, and although it took him a while  he is finally crawling. I am really happy to see him make that transition.  I gotta say, it took him a long time to really get the whole “when I put you on your tummy you have to kinda try to move forward” thing. For a couple of weeks it was more like “ohhh weee, I’m on my tummy!! nap time!!!!” for him. once I started helping him move his little legs and arms he realized what I wanted him to do. However, he also decided it was not his thing. so every time I tried to get him to move he would just scream his very cute little head off. I kinda had to take a step back for a while. I began to think “Am I hurting him?” “Am I doing things wrong?” “Am I pushing too hard?” “Is there something wrong with him?” and I tried to collect my self and really think about what was happening. Finally I came to the conclusion, that NO there wasn’t anything wrong with my baby. It was simply not his time, and by getting frustrated myself, I was also frustrating him, and that called for a heck of a lot of screaming. I began to give him more time and give him more shorter tummy time sessions spread out throughout the day so he wouldn’t get bored, tired, of fussy. After weeks of taking it down a notch, he finally started to move on his own, still resisting a bit, but moving nonetheless. It was more like rolling all over the place. And then one day he started to sit up by himself, which was oh so exciting for me. And after months of hard work, he finally did it. Now, he is all over the place making my heart skip a beat from time to time when he goes so fast that the poor thing trips on his own hands. So if you are wondering why your baby is not doing things other babies his/her age are doing. just take a second to remember that every child is different and that when your baby is ready to tackle a new milestone, He/ she will let you know. so just hang tight and be patient. I leave you with this video I made of the highlights of our journey I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Comment, share your own stories, and let me know what you think.

My Favorite Dishes (Part 1)

Hi guys! So, I had wanted to write about my favorite dishes for a really long time, I just had not gotten around to doing so. Sometimes I am so busy during the day that I only have time to cook some eggs and canned beans. But what I really love is when I have the time to relax in the kitchen, and come up with some really delicious stuff. I, for the most part cook real Mexican food, not the junk stuff they try to pass as Mexican at taco bell, and other restaurants. No, these are dishes that are made at any Mexican home. I am not posting any of my recipes for the following dishes, unless you guys want to know more about how the following were prepared. Most of them are fairly easy and can be made in a short amount of time. So, Let me know what you think. Or if you are interested in a particular recipe.

My number one dish: Tostadas de salpicon

I was first introduced to this dish about three years ago. When my Sister in law came form Jalisco Mexico to stay with us for a Summer. The first time I ever had this I could not help falling in love with it, It is packed with so many flavors that somehow just came together and made this dish so freaking delicious. The salsa you see in my cute martini glass is made with vinegar, dry chiles, and spices. It is very good… If you are not afraid of really spicy salsas


My second dish: Gorditas de puerco

This dish is my husband’s favorite. I, being from the Mexico city know my gorditas very differently than what you see pictured below. In the Mexico city we normally make them with different toppings, such as mushroom, tinga de pollo and chicharron en salsa verde (watch out for part 2). But… they do not stand a chance next to these little guys, these are authentic from my husband’s hometown in Jalisco. They are a staple, and there is not a single person who has not tried them. Seriously, I was there just last month and realized that every family makes them the same way, and was very happy to see that there are even stands where all they sell are gorditas.


My third dish: Sopes

What kind of Mexican would I be if I did not love sopes? They are a true staple in Mexican cuisine, these sopes are super easy to make. I make everything from scratch, and have developed my own sope-making technique. I always top them with my favorite version of guacamole, it is super easy to make, you can kind of see what it looks like in the second picture. It is kind of a cross between guacamole and salsa that can be made in under two minutes.


And those are my favorite dishes for today, I will be posting more soon. Again, let me know if you want to know more about them. I will be happy to share my recipes with you guys!

Much love,

A piece of my girl’s mind

This is a little impromptu vid, Sophie loves to make videos, even if they are this random. so here it is, don’t judge. Yes, we think we are extremely cool together, and the world should know it. It is just us… being us… so… yeah… enjoy.

While I was gone

Hi guys!!! I just realized that I haven’t been here in a really long time. I am very sorry to whomever reads my blog, I want you guys to know that I really appreciate it. every time I write something in here, its me sharing a little piece of my heart. I can tell you that while I was gone a couple of things happened. I started a small business, I realized that I love making little clutches and wallets and that they were fairly easy to make. So, since I happen to be a stay at home mami of two little ones I decided that a little extra cash would not hurt me. so there you have me making cute little bags in my living room to sell while my children played on the carpet. I gotta admit that having something to do for myself made me extremely happy. When I started selling them I did very well, even better than I had anticipated, and that gave me the confidence to open an online store, however my heart totally broke when the online turned out to be a big disappointment. I was selling way less than I was paying to keep the store running. As much as I hate to admit it, the feeling of failure crushed the confidence that I had acquired during the previous months. In addition to that, I had set a goal for myself to get fit, since I gave birth to my baby boy last April. I found that doing  that was extremely hard, I felt very alone during those months. and ended up completely depressed. I felt that it was another failure and that, along with the stress and the disappointment of seeing my dream collapse crushed me in more ways than one. Somewhere along these lines I had to face a lot of personal problems, and was let down by a couple of people I loved. So there I was, a complete train wreck, depressed and unable to organize, my mind, my spirit, much less my weight. but during those moments I never stopped telling myself that better times would come. That, I should take all those emotions in just like I would take in joy, success, and love. More than anything I allowed myself to appreciate those horrible days, savor the tears that I cried, and the moments I found myself all alone sitting on my bed wishing somebody could hear me. Because I had to learn, I had to live, not the best moments of my life, but I had to live them, and make sure that I learned from all those feelings, because as I have gotten out of “the cloud” as I think about whatever it was I went trough during the last 5 months, I realized that being happy feels happier, that the company of the people that love me feels like the best thing in the world. Bottom line, experiencing the bad has made the good that much better. I learned a lot of things about myself that  I wouldn’t have otherwise. So maybe I have bored you to death, and you decided to stop reading a bunch of lines ago, but if you are still reading, if you’ve ever felt like I did, I thank you and I tell you that it gets better and that it too shall pass. today I’m still trying to figure things out, and enjoy motherhood, I feel happy with myself , I look forward to the future, the good and the bad. I love my life, my family, and all  the friends that have stood there besides me, and the ones I have found along the way including you.

I’m super happy today

Hi guys! I’m super happy today for two reasons. Number one. Today is my husband’s birthday! Yay! I love him, and I’m so happy to have him in my life.
I have seen my husband grow from a high school boy, into a man who takes very good care of his family, who works so hard every single day to provide for us with no reservations. And I am so very happy to spend another birthday with the love of my life.

The second reason why I am super happy is because it also happens to be our 6th wedding anniversary. 6 years seem like a really long time, but it feels like it was just yesterday, when on a cloudy morning I was getting ready to go marry him, when my then best friend was helping me get my hair, and makeup done in my bedroom floor. I was very excited, and couldn’t believe it was finally happening. It seems like it was yesterday. Its very true when people say that time flies when you are happy.

Time has flown indeed. We have learned so much about life, and about each other. We have gone though so much to be together, to learn that we are not perfect, but we love each other the way we are. Yes, I might not like that he takes up most of the bed when he sleeps, or that he always takes over the remote control. And he might not like that I’m probably the most disorganized person he knows, and that I feed him scrambled eggs more often than he’d like.

One thing we know for sure, is that we want to be together and that every time either one of us has fallen, the other one has been there ready to provide support, and most importantly, that we have never let go. No matter how hard things might get, we keep holding on to all the beautiful things we have lived together.

I can tell you guys today I have many, many reasons to be happy. Not only because I can get to spend another birthday with the man I love, or because I’ve spent six amazing years married to him. But because God has blessed me beyond belief. One of the things I’m the most grateful for is because God has allowed me to experience what being in love with someone feels like, because by putting two strangers together he has given them everything they never thought they’d want so badly, like our family, and our beautiful, amazing children. So for all of that I’m grateful.

As always, thanks for reading, you guys!!

With tons of love,



I’m walking in the land of hurt feelings

Hi guys! After having my second baby last April I was over the moon with joy! I didn’t think I could ever feel any happier. Unfortunately the feeling didn’t last, for some reason a lot of the time I can’t bring myself to feel… So happy.

I’ve discovered that the baby blues is not all myths, and that it doesn’t only happen to other people, like I had believed. For a long time I had been battling a really scary depression, fortunately last year I was able to control it. But now I kind of feel like its coming back.

With my first baby, I always felt happy, and positive. Even though it was all new to me. It was very exciting, every little thing she did filled me with joy, and pride. No matter what ever happened In life, I always felt like I had the strength to overcome any situation, because I knew I had her.

After I had my second baby I felt like that again… I actually felt better because I actually knew what I was doing. But that high only lasted a few weeks. When he was born he developed jaundice. The doctor said it was normal, and that it happens more often to infants that are being exclusively breast fed. A few weeks after that. He was still the same, on his first month check up, the doctor gave me (what at that moment was a devastating blow) instructions to stop Breastfeeding him for a week. It was horrible to feel that maybe I was making him sick, and that after feeling so proud, and so happy to only breast feed him regardless of how painful, or frustrating It was at times I had to stop. Even though I understood I was not at fault, that was what really started it all.

More often than not I started to notice I was becoming very negative, always defensive, taking people’s advice for criticism which made me feel oh so angry, and really sad. It was almost like a part of my brain was aware, that I was totally over reacting, yet another part felt like a car with no breaks, running at a high speed and about to crash head on.

The feeling of not being able to control those emotions is sometimes even worse, because they make me feel guilty. I mean, I should be very happy. God blessed me with a beautiful, lovely, perfect little boy. And yet, I’m feeling this way?

Although this thing I’ve been going through has nothing on the depression I suffered two years ago. It still scares me sometimes, and I’ve tried to read as much about the baby blues, and full blown post-partum depression. And even though I’m positive it is not depression, it still sucks to feel this way.

It definitely has been though on my marriage, my friendships, and other things, because quite honestly I don’t feel like dealing with a log of things. I don’t feel excited about talking or being around my friends, and it sucks because I love them. I adore my hubby too, but sometimes we fight a lot, about things that in the end don’t really matter at all.

Luckily I understand what I’m going trough, and I’m able to check myself when it’s getting out of hand, I stick to the fact that I can still see, and appreciate everything that makes life beautiful, where as with depression it’s almost impossible to do. I believe this will all go away soon, and I will go back to being my normal self. Thanks for reading, you guys, let me know if anyone is going though the same, what do you do to feel better? I really want to know.

With tons of love,